Non-Compete Agreements

Generally speaking there are two kinds of non-compete agreements; those between companies and those between an employer and employee. Agreements between companies (including contractor-subcontractor con-competes) are subject to heightened scrutiny under the antitrust laws and the complexities of those laws make any simple generalized explanation dangerous to rely upon. In this note we will focus on non-compete agreements between an employer and an employee.

Sexual Harassment

The purpose of this note is to offer a broad outline of the law of sexual harassment. Individuals and companies facing potential sexual harassment situations are encouraged to consult with counsel at the earliest opportunity.

Trade Secrets

Eisen & Shapiro’s business lawyers counsel employers and employees on a broad range of trade secrets matters and competition matters. We have undertaken integrity audits, investigated potential breaches or infringements, prepared and reviewed employment and venture-related contracts involving trade secrets and/or non-competition agreements, negotiated agreement language, and prosecuted and defended lawsuits. As required we use experienced business investigative services in these matters.