We are AV rated, the highest possible peer review ranking for attorneys and law firms awarded for quality and ethics. The ranking is given after extensive confidential polling of the legal profession in the community by Martindale-Hubbell.

Each of us was a top performer at a leading national law school. We have had years of experience training under and working with nationally prominent lawyers at leading national law firms.

We are seasoned advocates and counselors, having over 60 years of collective experience, practicing primarily in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

We are responsive to client needs and concerns and treat your problem as our problem.

Here’s a sampling of what our clients have said:

“I feel like I have been to hell and back and if we had to name one good thing about this, it would be our fortune in getting your team. We are so glad we found you.”

“Just writing to thank you for your assistance … a few months ago, and to let you know that everything went through successfully in my favor. Your advice was immensely helpful, and I sincerely appreciate the care and attention you paid me throughout.”

“I am amazed and delighted by the outcome… . You have been extremely supportive and respectful, and I am convinced that this result is due, in no small part, to your effort and skill, and that of your staff.”

“You’ve made this transition very smooth. I loved the uncomplicated, understandable, and cooperative language you used in the ‘Agreement.’”

“In the midst of this pain, if we had to name one good thing, it would be getting a good team of attorneys.”

“Your firm handled this in a flawless manner. Your execution was perfect and you always gave me the brutal truth.”

“You fought for me in a professional manner. I was especially impressed that you listened to every detail and reflected it all in the brief you wrote. Even though I was denied many times, your appeal worked like magic and restored my clearance.”

“We are glad that we have found you.”

“You are one of a kind, recognized that there is a real world out there, and gave sound advice in plain understandable English.”

“Thank you for everything you have done. I … would recommend you with my eyes shut!”

“You may be tired of hearing this but this has been a very stressful experience and you have made it less confusing and less stressful. I really do appreciate your support.”

“Your lawyers know their stuff.”

“Thanks for all your work and attention to this matter. You will get a strong recommendation from us.”

“We want to express our utmost appreciation to you for your outstanding assistance.”

“You demystified a confusing and terrifying process and gave me comfort and confidence that I could get through this and win. And then I did.”

“My life is almost back to it’s non-eventful state and I owe it all to you, thanks again for everything.”

“Thank you for your time, honesty and expert advice.”

Since our founding in 1993 our clients have enjoyed strong long-lasting relationships, emphasizing trust and client-centered personal service within the sphere of our competence.

We offer one-on-one hands-on experienced senior counsel who empower our clients to take control of their legal problems, to take advantage of opportunities, and to make the right decisions for themselves.

We encourage our clients to call us about legal matters without fear that the invariable result will be a costly formal response. In fact, our standard retainer agreements include no fixed monthly charge and promise a monthly free telephone consult with their personal lawyer. That way, we know their needs and inclinations and can help them avoid the holes we would later have to dig them out of. When a problem is presented, we offer candid down-to-earth counseling that takes into account each client’s special needs. When a problem calls for expertise we do not have, we serve our regular clients as a general counsel without charge, in the sense that we identify who to see and pave the way to make sure they are treated properly and fairly.

This process often reduces the need to dig clients out of holes down the road while fostering familiarity with client situations, leading in turn to effective and knowledgeable counseling and advocacy.