You may use PayPal to secure an extended initial teleconference consultation at a reduced rate with one of our counsel if your need to consult is urgent and you cannot await the usual payment by mail and check-clearing time. If we believe we lack the experience to advise you at all in the area of your concern, your full payment will be immediately refunded. If you have paid for way more time than it proves you need, a portion of your payment may be refunded at the discretion of the attorney with who you consult.

Here’s the way this works:

  1. You purchase a 20, 40, or 60 minute block of consultation time.
  2. After you make a payment, if you are not directed to a page asking for this information, please contact us and provide:
    1. your name
    2. telephone number (or numbers)
    3. best time to call.

Remember securing your consult takes 2 steps: If you don’t follow through with step 2, we can’t reach out to you.

Please select the consultation & advanced payment:

Consultations & Advanced Payments

Please note that if someone subpoenas PayPal’s records, the specific fact that a payment to us was made through PayPal may not be protected information, any more than would a payment by credit card.

These teleconference are subject to the following understandings. By using the button above, you signal that you agree to these terms:

  1. Your payment to us is a departure from the usual practice of placing funds for services to be performed into a trust account. (This reduces our administrative burden and allows us to shave some portion of our normally hourly rate off of the charge.)
  2. The payment belongs to us when it is made (subject to refund in the event we are unable to address your issue).
  3. You are retaining this firm’s services solely for a single consultation. The discussion you will have is protected by the attorney-client privilege.
  4. Neither the firm nor any firm attorney to whom you speak owes you any continuing duty or legal obligation beyond the consultation for which you are paying. When the telephone call is completed, our relationship is ended.
  5. The consultation is based on the information you provide. You understand that any opinions offered cannot be as accurate or informed as a conventional consultation, which is typically a longer and more involved process that may include an extended interview, review of all paperwork, and usually some research.
  6. You understand you are receiving the responder’s best professional opinion, which is only an opinion; there can be no assurance as to its accuracy in predicting actual outcomes beyond our pledge to use our good faith efforts, knowledge, and judgment.

Once you have made a payment, please promptly contact us and be sure to include your name and telephone number (or numbers) stating that you have made a web payment for a consultation and wish talk to us. Our duty attorney will telephone you shortly thereafter. Usually we are able to respond in a matter of an hour or two, but we will certainly respond within one working day. If we have not responded by then, it is possible you may have provided us an incorrect telephone number. Review what you sent to us to make sure it is accurate and try sending it again.