If you are looking for knowledgeable security clearance lawyers, that’s a core practice here. If you’re a company, we help you obtain and protect your facilities clearance. If you’re an individual, we advise and represent you when your access eligibility is questioned. We’re here in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, and the involved agencies are down the street. If you require a security clearance lawyer, we are hands-on help for your problem.

We are security clearance lawyers who counsel on the clearance process generally. We represent government contractors and employees in applying for clearances and in responding to administrative actions, including security clearance appeals.  We show you how to be proactive. We listen to you so that we understand your situation. We review and analyze alternatives with you and recommend actions to improve your prospects before the security clearance appeal is finally considered and decided. We help you be in the best posture to secure a favorable determination.

We are lawyer’s lawyers, consulting with law firms handling non-clearance matters, such as DUIs, DWIs, divorces and bankruptcies, explaining the consequences to them and their clients with clearances of the charges, claims and outcomes they face, and assisting in containing the effects such matters may have on your continued access eligibility.

Defense Contractor Security Clearance Practice

Our security clearance lawyers assist companies whose clearances have been called into question and have helped companies reform systems to meet facilities clearance guidelines, which are published in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual.

Individual Security Clearance Practice

Our individual security clearance appeal clients, meaning people who have received a Statement of Reasons or Letter of Intent, reside primarily in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. But we also regularly handle denials of security clearances for clients elsewhere, including recently Florida, California, Massachussets, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington, and overseas. Additionally we can counsel you on how to complete the SF-86 (also known as e-QIP if completed on-line) and the SF-85P.

Security Clearance Appeals

We represent you through the process at a range of federal agencies and offices, including DOHA, CIA, NSA, NASA, DOE, DOJ, DOHS, ICE, State Department, DONCAF and Army CAF. If you received a Statement of Reasons or a Letter of Intent, look at our page describing the appeals process and contact us.

Some Recent ISCR Successes

Note: NSA and CIA cases are unpublished and the actual decisions are in any event short and largely uninformative as to issues and evidence. You’ll find below a sampling of DOHA cases we’ve won either in the DC area or at other sites, such as Boston and Miami. You should understand that we lose cases too and that there are many variables determining how a case will be decided, including but not limited to the breadth and nature of the stated concerns leading to the proposed adverse action, the specific facts that can be proven by the appealing individual, and the clarity and focus of the presentation of an appeal.